Badass Mitch
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 32
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'8
Weight 900 lbs

Mitch Janner is the progatonist and President/Vice President of The Outcasts Motorcycle Club.


Childhood Edit

"Mitch" was born in 1981 and came from a rough background just like his current life. He usually got bullied in school until he got 13 years old and started resisting. He once punched a bully in the face and broke his legs which got the bully

Meeting Matros and MarshallEdit

Mitch, Marshall Taker and Matros Ozaxe were friends almost they're whole childhood (they met each other at the age of 5). They were going in the same kindergarden and school.ality toghetter in their teenager lifes. They joined the OCMC togetther in early 1997.

Mitch's BikeEdit

Mitch's Bike is a 1994 Softail. But after killing Jermaine Faithful, he took his bike. It's interresting, also, Mitch Got his own Bike back.
Harley Davidson Softail Slim 1994 style


  • Mitch shares a strong similarity with Johnny Klebitz from GTA: The Lost and Damned and Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy. They are all Vice Presidents of an outlaw motorcycle club and they all preffer a non violent way to solve problems, they are all protagonists of a biker story and carries the patch "loyal". They also seem to be around the same height.
  • He looks similar to Chad Gray from Mudvayne due to the long beard and leather jacket.
  • Mitch and Matros Ozaxe are the only members carrying the patch Brotherbond which means that they share a Bond of brothers and best friends.