Matt the Axe
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 32
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Weight 900 lbs

Matros "Matt" Ozaxe is the deugeratonist, Treasurer of Outcasts Motorcycle Club and best friend of Mitch Janner and Marshall Taker. He is a German/Latino-American.

Bikes Edit

Matt's bike is a Redneck Vincent. It has the Outcasts skull logo on the motor.
Matro's Redneck Vincent

Trivia Edit

  • He shares High similarities with Jim Fitzgerald from GTA IV:The Lost and Damned. They are both Hispanic Americans, both best friends with the protagonist. They both have a calm/laid back voice normally but yell very hard when they are angry and they are both treasurers of an outlaw motorcycle club. He is also based on Jim.
  • Matros and Mitch Janner are the only members with the patch saying "Brotherbond". Which means that they share a bond.