Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 32
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 3 ft 0
Weight 0 lbs
Jermaine Faithful is former club security of The Outcasts MC.
Motorcycle driver fall

Personality Edit

Jermaine is short (probably 3 feet or shorter) and very skinny. He constantly snivles very slowly because he has a certain handicap. He is also a very annoying person due to the facts that he allways asks alot of questions, complains most of the time and constantly argues with Mitch Janner which is constantly picking on him because he is mad at him for trying to have sex with Luca Stairway. He was born in 1982.

Joining the Outcasts MC Edit

Jermaine joined the Outcast Brotherhood in late 2000. Even though the first time he wanted to join, they just laughed at him and pushed him around due to him being very skinny. But he seemed to make it through the beatings.

Jermaine's Bike Edit

Jermaine rides a ZX-9R.
ZX-9R Crotch Rocket
. It is very different Compared to the other Outcast Bikes.

Rivalry with Mitch Edit

Even tough, Jermaine and Mitch Janner are both in the Outcasts MC, they still seem to have a strong dislike for each other. Jermaine tried to have sex with Mitch's girlfriend (A.K.A. Old Lady) which is how it All began. They were good friends earlier in life (2000-2007) but that changed it all. Also, in one of the scenes, Mitch and Jermaine were about to start fighting each other during an argument while Luca Stairway and Marshall Taker were holding them back, trying to stop them from hurting each other. Mitch got calmed down but Jermaine tried to fight out of Marshall's arms, threatning Mitch that he will try to have sex with Luca again. Matros Ozaxe told Jermaine to shut up while Luca asked Mitch if he was OK. Later after Marshall got sent in prison, Jermaine and Dick Gaca betrayed the Outcasts MC and started their own gang called the Jermaine Organization. Shortly after, Mitch entered their clubhouse to kill Jermaine.